Riya Kulkarni

Hey! I'm Riya.
I'm passionate about finding creative solutions to complex problems and building dynamic, clean websites.

I've been hooked on programming since I was 14, and since then, I've worked with React, Redux, Ruby on Rails, MERN, and more.

Spookify | (Ruby on Rails, React/Redux, PostgreSQL)

Spookify is a music streaming service in which you can save your favorite songs and albums, follow your favorite artists, and create your own playlists.

Github | Live

Current | (Node.js, Express, React/Redux, MongoDB)

Current, built by a team of 4, is a trending content aggregator, where you can explore the daily trending topics, and search topics to see related trending news stories, youtube videos, and more.

Github | Live

Piano-Cat | (Javascript, HTML5, Webpack, CSS)

Piano cat is an interactive piano playing tutorial game. This game makes learning to play simple songs on piano a fun, responsive experience.

Github | Live


  • Javascript

  • React

  • Ruby on Rails

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Java

  • node.js

  • PostgreSQL

  • Redux

  • Git

Who I Am


I'm a Massachusetts Native and I've had an appreciation for coding since I was young. I studied Java and Python throughout high school, and three years ago, I moved to the Bay Area to study computer science at UC Berkeley.

I gained a solid foundation in algorithms and data structures, and by my third year, I was itching to build applications that people would use and love. That's when I developed an interest in web development.


In the last year, I've learnt Ruby and Javascript, and have also gained experience with frameworks such as Rails and React. I focus on writing clean, comprehensible code and building user-friendly applications.

I'm really excited to work in a collaborative, fast-paced environment, and to continue to learn new skills. When I'm not coding, you'll find me singing, photographing my friends, watching Parks and Rec, or playing with my sweet cat :)


App Academy

12-week, immersive full-stack web development bootcamp with < 3% acceptance rate. Coursework: Rails, SQL, JS, React, TDD, algorithms, and programming best practices.
University of California, Berkeley

Relevant Coursework: Linear Algebra & Differential Equations, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Science, Data Structures and Programming Methodology

Let's Talk

Email me at amanpriya.kulkarni@gmail.com, or contact me through the form below.